15 more novel coroteam bride wristbandsnavirus fatalities reported in Chinese mainland
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Pictures uploaded to social media on Jan 25, 2020 by the Central Hospital of Wuhan show medical staff attending to patients, in Wuhan, China. [Photo/Sina Weibo]

Another 15 fatalities caused by a novel coronavirus were reported in the Chinese mainland on Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths to 56 as of Saturday midnight, China"s National Health Commission said on Sunday morning.

The number of confirmed cases increased by 688 on Saturday, resulting in a total number of 1,975 cases reported in the Chinese mainland as of Saturday midnight, the commission said. Another 2,684 suspected cases also had been reported.

Central China"s Hubei province reported 13 new fatalities caused by a novel coronavirus on Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths from the pneumonia-related disease to 52 as of Saturday night, the provincial health commission said on Sunday morning.

The number of confirmed cases increased by 323 on Saturday, resulting in a total number of 1,052 cases reported in the province.

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